Specialized Services

Infrastructure Builds

cenergyIT does disaster recovery designs, infrastructure designs, and infrastructure builds. We can rack, network, install, and configure all your hardware and software in your data center. We specialize in HP and Solars environments. We have one of the best teams of consultants to perform these services.

Custom Development

Custom development can be performed in JAVA, .NET, Flex, C, C++, PHP and a host of other languages. We specialize in rich interactive HD video enabled desktop and web applications using Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, HTML5, and other media and streaming technologies. No job is too small or too large for us.

Project Management

We offer great project management to ensure that every project we manage is successful.

Staff Augmentation

We can provided resources for your for all your IT resource needs. All of our individuals have many years of experience and are some of the best in the industry.

e-MDs Hosting

We are one of the largest providers of e-MDs hosting solutions in the United States. We host your e-MDs solution in a level 4 data center that has 24/7 monitoring of the premise. The data center has HIPAA policies that any person entering in the premise must have a badge and has to go through two biometrics scans (fingerprint) and one retina scan in order to reach the floor. cenergyIT prides itself being HIPAA compliant in all policies and procedures we adhere to. We have redundant power supplies and have two ISPs for redundancy in our networks. Backups will be performed nightly for all patients data located on your servers.

No More Maintenance of Servers

cenergyIT will take care of maintaining servers, performing backups, installing upgrades and new software releases, and managing firewalls and security. We take care of the servers so you can take care of your patients.

Eliminate Hardware Costs

With the cenergyIT’s e-MDs Hosting Plans, you get the sophisticated software capabilities as a service and avoid some of the upfront and ongoing expenses tied to equipment, personnel and operations.

Proactive Maintenance for Your Servers

Managing servers has become a strategic function within medical practices. That’s why the cenergyIT e-MDs Hosting Plans are designed to prevent problems before they occur. Our service monitors hundreds of aspects of each server and application’s security and performance 24 x7, allowing us to anticipate and correct issues before they occur.

Network Security

We create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel for each location we serve through our network. All data between your practice and our hosting facility uses encryption to keep information secure.

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